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January 15th 2014 Journal

It is Wednesday. No week in wine this week. I am week in retail. That is boring but finally getting warmer. Warm is good. I am getting busier which is good and now believe my business adviser more than before how around the clock business or job activities allow other things to happen. I spent a month training on and off and? Still in limbo. I did however get back in the field because the underlying work activity allowed me to be in the field to do other things. I will be with my review text which is like taking a rapid review course so I come to speed in all little details rather than thinking to remember some. Further reading will go very fast AND I can begin tasting which is a big part. Since no industry exists there is no practical way to be in the field and following business activities of businesses in lieu of an industry only works so much. Tastings is a good step in the right direction. Word has it many do not like my tasting approach in the biz. Wine business is a group of merchants buying and selling. Quantity and variety are keys. They need that promoted not sticking to individual wines and finally moving to another to stick there. French say that is the right way because most people drink a or few wines they like hence don’t have to be wine explorers to be wine enthusiasts. That is my approach because wine is center of activity not movements in the field. Big corporations don’t like that. They need a zillion wines to be constantly on and out so transactions are abundant. It works like stock market. The sum of many buy and sell orders will in total bring wealth or not. And big always win by using this system. They don’t like investors who study one stock, buy it and sell it someday and move to another. That is not a healthy market for big guys though safe and content for “average” players and investors. Who cares. I like my approach. Either way I will do random tastings of many. How? Having a background relevant activity like a job or business in the field makes this happen. And no wonder jobs that take forever to train at lose their appeal soon. One cannot build anything on top of foundation that does not form. 😏😏😏😏😏😝😝😝😝😝

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Week 52 2013

I declare.

It is last week of 2013. I am starting new procedure. After the events that ruined our projects in San Francisco in past few months I have finally started a new course. We don’t have projects but lots of stuff going on. I am getting busier. My wine stuff begin to flow. It is like ice cubes breaking out of mold and starting to melt in liquid. Skimming wine books works very well. I tested the system. Borrowing a big ass book failed recently. Library is a good place when we don’t want to own but I move around too much. I never made it past the introduction. My business adviser says his system requires being stationary. He says humans moving too much as walking or driving or traveling cannot do quality business work. Something about effects of motion on biology of corpus. I add that to the list of what I am to do. So easy to talk about but implement? My test has been a success. I am about 11% into a review text. Some weird dude asked me what I am looking at in my phone on the train this morning. I told him I am reading a book moron. He was too weird so I skipped saying moron but that was it. He needed a shave too and told to be a bum running around transit train early Saturday morning. That was my morning and by afternoon after looking at them wine labels I was thinking wait a second! I remember this about you! And eventually realized the chunk is melting and begins to flow. I thought unused knowledge was in a cluster of neurons sitting in the back of the brain. Apparently it is frozen also and needs melting. There are those people who think I am very scientific person and I like that but they are outnumbered 10000 to 1 by those who say piss on his science if that is science. I don’t like them. My wine chunk begins to melt and flow. A couple of books from now I have to begin tasting also. I have insulted so many reps at tastings. BUT the account reps that sold wine to Uncle Cush loved my ass. Most of all whatever I bought I sold which is what needed to sell more. Those were their good old days. I never missed them. I could care less. This week has not been tense. It is 2014 and I got news I will have a night job soon. That is a long story. My business adviser like all the rest hired to help us lacks enough security clearance BUT sure can read. They finally had to tell him after he read one of my recent blog posts who Uncle Cush is in real real life. I got a mouthful and that I tell people I fired his ass for poor business advice? Their success formula is to go 24/7! I feel like dealing with them crazy Hollywood bastards BUT we have a lot of advisers and they all say what he says. I am moving and shaking again. I am supposed to be stationary for quality work AND travel all the time. I am not very nowadays. My projects should not have been ruined. I let everyone know when I start tasting and the reps begin complaining I am rude about their wines….”You have any good wines I can try?…..Ah! You are so rude! ….. What? I just don’t want to try all these wines. I know what they taste like! Anything good you want mw to try?” And I am learning French too….. 28 Dec 2013 6:08 pm Oakland, California

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