My Commute Sucks

It is Saturday. Cold has passed. The bus runs so infrequently I had to walk part way to train station. The San Francisco train had a load of crazy people. They occupied our car and by my exit to transfer to another train some were roaming the car or had gone to sleep on benches. I can read well early am because my mind is clear from sleep. I read another 5% on my Nokia Lumia phone of a generic wine book on loan from Overdrive library system. I learned nothing. It is a refresher except no dry Saturnes at all. That stuck with me. I really like some of the cheapest French Muscadet to drink. No mention in the book. The money is in Muscadet Sur Lie so nobody promote cheap wines. That is good to just drink by gallons not California wine. No qualities to mention and no alcohol. Lots of fun. And some good Sauternes will do. Just a little. Anyway I am picking up pace.

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Cool lock screen for my Nokia Lumia phone. The daily Bing screensavers are optional but can be nice. I skip sharing them on my other blog because they can be confusing. That is rare. I didn’t expect this one. It is Christmas and the word Mouton popped into my mind right after I thought “sheep?” Nobody cares about sheep or lamb in America. They exist as information on food packaging. Meeting the head and ears of a sheep reminds me more of Chateau Mouton than does lamb, Bible and Christmas. Nice photo. 25 Dec 2013 12:05 pm San Leandro, California

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My Week in Burritos – Senior Sisig Food Truck versus Frozen Breakfast Burritos at Lucky’s

Frozen breakfast burritos are highly recommended by my doctors. They provide when we need a load of nutrition and low on time and so on. Today I opened the last of three packs. I am a gourmet NOT so really don’t look at packagings. I don’t know but was purple and had some kind of chemical probably put there by US government! It made me tell the truth about all kinds of things for next 30 minutes and publish them online until I was saved by the urge to take my world famous morning dump which overrides all including chemical induced confessions. We see if happens again. Tomorrow. Otherwise we need a new theory.

It is day three. Actually second day of week. Last week we missed the food truck on Wednesday but came on Friday so we ate. This week they come daily. Nice. We ate yesterday and the big question is today? I don’t know. We get half off etc so is a good deal. I feel weird paying $4 for a good burrito so I buy one for my sidekick. Others have theories what they done wrong they don’t get free burritos but get free Arizonas. No reason. There is no free burrito. Burrito costs $8 so if half off comes in pairs is how I see it. And they put potatoes not beans. Pork been good twice. I think maybe or we get those pizzas from 711 to share. A $5 large pizza was invented not to be food but company shared meal even if employee pays. I don’t know.

I did learn good things. Searching for Senior Sisig truck last Wednesday we headed online. Twitter helped. The website had calendar but not updated as expected. Twitter was good. We got location. Too far. We looked for others. The apps we downloaded and online food truck websites were shit. Hardly anything. That was a good lesson. Twitter still helps but it is amazing how primitive some systems are. Word of mouth seems to drive these trucks. I think they are too local to be in a system. Then again twitter can help if can search for more locally when lunch time. I didn’t try that. Soon no more holiday and I go back to my famous lunch of nuts, apple and so on. Merry Christmas. 23 Dec 2013 9:16 am Downtown, San Francisco

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Week 51 2013

I am too lazy to look at calendar but is week before Christmas yet and I think is 51. I don’t care. I do need an easy system to mark end of the week however. This should work. Next year will begin right if this don’t. Who cares. I looked at past posts. Whatever. A dead blog because is so hard to get things going without proper tools. I can using this Windows phone which allows me to do all of my blogs. A pocket size device can help. It is casual and sometimes that is all we can do. This blog suffered because I could not stop and write. It is laundry time now and we can thanks to Windows OS on my Nokia Lumia phone.

Last week was good. I did restart in wine and is coming back fast. Naturally I am confused but so what. I need to brush up on vintages and a few more names to learn to say properly. What the hell I have to learn some French after all. I am not British to have an aversion to other languages. I need to know functional French in this trade. All in time. Right now I have logistic problems. Being in the field means too many places and when? I have to gather pieces so I know where I will be and when. I have a lot more doing now and I think I need a dedicated tablet for wine industry. I think of it as a holding place for content. They gather up and I sit down to go through them when have time. Current Android tablet gets converted from a research device to a dedicated gathering content device for wireless and high tech when I get my Galaxy Mega 6.3 phone. I won’t be able to follow these industries nonstop in real time so I gather content and ho through them when I can. That is it. 22 Dec 2013 12:07 pm Hayward, California

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