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Week 51 2013

I am too lazy to look at calendar but is week before Christmas yet and I think is 51. I don’t care. I do need an easy system to mark end of the week however. This should work. Next year will begin right if this don’t. Who cares. I looked at past posts. Whatever. A dead blog because is so hard to get things going without proper tools. I can using this Windows phone which allows me to do all of my blogs. A pocket size device can help. It is casual and sometimes that is all we can do. This blog suffered because I could not stop and write. It is laundry time now and we can thanks to Windows OS on my Nokia Lumia phone.

Last week was good. I did restart in wine and is coming back fast. Naturally I am confused but so what. I need to brush up on vintages and a few more names to learn to say properly. What the hell I have to learn some French after all. I am not British to have an aversion to other languages. I need to know functional French in this trade. All in time. Right now I have logistic problems. Being in the field means too many places and when? I have to gather pieces so I know where I will be and when. I have a lot more doing now and I think I need a dedicated tablet for wine industry. I think of it as a holding place for content. They gather up and I sit down to go through them when have time. Current Android tablet gets converted from a research device to a dedicated gathering content device for wireless and high tech when I get my Galaxy Mega 6.3 phone. I won’t be able to follow these industries nonstop in real time so I gather content and ho through them when I can. That is it. 22 Dec 2013 12:07 pm Hayward, California

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