What is this blog?

This blog has been dormant for a long time since I had moved my wine writing to another blog but now have need of a separate journal for wine tasting notes that may be simple and brief.  My main blog will hold any writing of detail about a relevant tasting and wine but I would like a separate space for my basic wine notes that may be of use to others but may be too brief.  I had thought of Twitter as a good place to place such notes but Twitter has proven too unreliable by losing tweets (I have 4000 missing as of now) and WordPress (with all its faults) is a more apt holding location.  I hope some notes serve to contribute in some way but the objective of my week in wine is to record what wine notations and comments I may have.  The posts may grow in size and dimension (as they have in the past) but brief posts will still find this blog as their primary holding place.


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