January 13th 2014 Journal

It is Monday. Life in the wine field is great. I am going downhill with my review book. The chapters with some meat are done and we are past half way point and going faster and faster. Reviewing stuff sucks because as soon as you are reminded of what you will have a delay to remember otherwise you feel so bored to remember the stuff. Wine knowledge is finite hence that. You need to know it all 100% but once you do why would you want to remember any of it? You would want to go around doing your stuff and also understand exactly what is going on because you done your homework. And after many apologies by my associates I was finally given the good news we are no longer completely dedicated to the current wine gig I am in. That was great news because what takes too long to work will probably not work. That is my experience. At best, I will be around a little part time or on call but this was not the best choice. Fortunately, the guilty parties are now most insistent to make up for lost time and this was not a total loss. I did learn new things and we just go from here. I am glad the pace of activities is picking up. I am in a new routine that is not in full motion but is 100% active and basically gives me a lot of room to do things given they are available to be done. I can cover a lot in short time. We think will work and wine is one of them. I cannot wait to finish this review book and get back to doing my stuff. Once again, I may have to bartend also. I spent so long doing it and learned it so well and may have no choice. Those boring stories of daily life events I have to listen to. I cannot wait for the insane rushes not to keep anybody company. We are moving ahead either way. 13 Jan 2014 6:00 pm San Leandro, California


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