5th Jan 2014

Sunday is here. I can care less. Weather is nice. I am almost done with laundry. We see how next week is laid out and everything begins anew. It is interesting how things are changing. My wine blogs will go legit very soon. That means I write crap about all kinds of things and occasional typo will appear here and there but some posts will vanish a little while after appearing. It is sort of penal editing. Since I have no editor, I just continue and drop some posts into the password only region of the blog later based on feedback or how I feel about. Why? A legit blog is much stronger as a base for business wine activities rather than a rebel camp for intellectuals. It is possible one day some fool becomes editor of my wine blogs and that is fine except I don’t like working with others unless they fully understand our work. I won’t wait till found. I just go legit. That should get more done. I cleaned up my artistic mess which was very hard to understand for outsiders and a simple web portfolio makes so much sense of my photography and style. I expect the same to happen with my wine work. We shall see. 5th Jan 2014 11:22 am San Leandro, California

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