January 1st 2014

Yep, it is 2014. We made it past 2013. I had a good year. I can care less about others but think most did. We used to have a training thing that said without goals one is like a ship without a rotter. It is going nowhere though is going. That is a year for most people. I have overdone my goals and objectives hence I don’t care. My ship went places and past them and went farther and in 2014 goes more places meaning I get more objectives done leading to fulfilling goals I set. That is about it. I cannot carry Chromebook a lot. I think even writing one day a week will be too much so this is it until next time. I updated all my blogs on Chromebook and here is the last one. What else I do will be on mobile devices and life goes on. I will be very busy now and the more I write, the more I will cuss people so may be is a good thing not to write a lot on Chromebook. Handheld like cellphones do the job and get the essentials out which is all we need.  I don’t like reading any more.  1 Jan 2014 11:52 am San Leandro, California


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