February 2 2014 Journal

It is Sunday. Rain and cold. Tomorrow life goes back to normal. Most of my activities are back on track. My perpetual training may continue as expected or I may get lucky. A very good suggestion may be exactly what I need. Since I spend a good chunk of time on retail training I should also pay attention to filling the gaps and refreshing most of what I know in wine field. I can benefit from a refresher in bar and gap filling is needed for restaurant management, wine and a few other things. Do I need them? I think so. If nothing else learning another way of doing things is always a plus. Except for very high end places most establishments are not very good at what they do and don’t care and may be does not matter. I could learn a few things anyway AND I am expected to be stuck here and there from now on and why not! I think that will do some good and if nothing else I will be in the field and may not earn any money but come back up to speed. I don’t even know if I want to work at stupid restaurant jobs. I could do some figuring easily. I have done very well in the past and my problem now is I won’t be a peak performer once back in. That takes time and I would like to return to my peak level so I can see clearly what is best. I think one month will do me good. And I won’t write anything about where I am if I do because is confusing to get in and I don’t care to think hard about these things. I am there till I have something substantial to say or not and this won’t be enough time. We shall see. Beating the rain is all I care nowwwww. 2 Feb 2014 4:02 pm Hayward, California 😎😎😎😁😁😁


January 19th 2014 Journal

Sunday marks end of one week and beginning of another. My new stuff kicking in soon. It seems I will be doing wine where expected and should continue reviewing our new wine list which is retail. I follow my old habits and need to be familiar with the list so much and can forget about mostly and go about business. I think other things kick in shortly. I continued my second book and the middle chapter is so big it almost covers the whole book. Overdrive app allows only so much memory so complained that was too much for the app. I may have to finish on tablet. I try not to use the tablet so I use the Chromebook and works just fine. It is just a lot of work from here on. Another advantage of working in wine biz versus retail is I will have more money for non-essentials like wine bottles but being too busy that is not anywhere on my lists. That is about it today. Progress will be following a different path now. I was watching more detective series. Sherlock has run of episodes even for reruns and inspector Maigret pretends to be French in a series with not one person without thick British accents. He is ok. Nice acting though. I can do a better job! Granada TV did it as did Sherlock Holmes series so I was curious. These guys are in and out of pubs during work hours and have beer delivered to police station. Nice stories too. 95% of script is just talk…. No French actors in French series? I don’t know. Busy. 19 Jan 2014 10:11 am San Leandro, California

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January 17th 2014 Journal.

My wine book expired! I tried to read and Overdrive says my library loan ended and delete book now. Whatever. I got another one. 25% already. That is what Pocket guides are good for. I like doing this because it creates memory speed and I jump over stuff I cannot stand because again? That is my week in wine up to this Friday. It is week in confusion. I am given plan of action by Wine Advice and need to sleep on it but basically taste away. 17 Jan 2014 7:17 am Bart Tube, California

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January 15th 2014 Journal

It is Wednesday. No week in wine this week. I am week in retail. That is boring but finally getting warmer. Warm is good. I am getting busier which is good and now believe my business adviser more than before how around the clock business or job activities allow other things to happen. I spent a month training on and off and? Still in limbo. I did however get back in the field because the underlying work activity allowed me to be in the field to do other things. I will be with my review text which is like taking a rapid review course so I come to speed in all little details rather than thinking to remember some. Further reading will go very fast AND I can begin tasting which is a big part. Since no industry exists there is no practical way to be in the field and following business activities of businesses in lieu of an industry only works so much. Tastings is a good step in the right direction. Word has it many do not like my tasting approach in the biz. Wine business is a group of merchants buying and selling. Quantity and variety are keys. They need that promoted not sticking to individual wines and finally moving to another to stick there. French say that is the right way because most people drink a or few wines they like hence don’t have to be wine explorers to be wine enthusiasts. That is my approach because wine is center of activity not movements in the field. Big corporations don’t like that. They need a zillion wines to be constantly on and out so transactions are abundant. It works like stock market. The sum of many buy and sell orders will in total bring wealth or not. And big always win by using this system. They don’t like investors who study one stock, buy it and sell it someday and move to another. That is not a healthy market for big guys though safe and content for “average” players and investors. Who cares. I like my approach. Either way I will do random tastings of many. How? Having a background relevant activity like a job or business in the field makes this happen. And no wonder jobs that take forever to train at lose their appeal soon. One cannot build anything on top of foundation that does not form. 😏😏😏😏😏😝😝😝😝😝

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January 13th 2014 Journal

It is Monday. Life in the wine field is great. I am going downhill with my review book. The chapters with some meat are done and we are past half way point and going faster and faster. Reviewing stuff sucks because as soon as you are reminded of what you will have a delay to remember otherwise you feel so bored to remember the stuff. Wine knowledge is finite hence that. You need to know it all 100% but once you do why would you want to remember any of it? You would want to go around doing your stuff and also understand exactly what is going on because you done your homework. And after many apologies by my associates I was finally given the good news we are no longer completely dedicated to the current wine gig I am in. That was great news because what takes too long to work will probably not work. That is my experience. At best, I will be around a little part time or on call but this was not the best choice. Fortunately, the guilty parties are now most insistent to make up for lost time and this was not a total loss. I did learn new things and we just go from here. I am glad the pace of activities is picking up. I am in a new routine that is not in full motion but is 100% active and basically gives me a lot of room to do things given they are available to be done. I can cover a lot in short time. We think will work and wine is one of them. I cannot wait to finish this review book and get back to doing my stuff. Once again, I may have to bartend also. I spent so long doing it and learned it so well and may have no choice. Those boring stories of daily life events I have to listen to. I cannot wait for the insane rushes not to keep anybody company. We are moving ahead either way. 13 Jan 2014 6:00 pm San Leandro, California

I Notice YOU Chateau Mouton

Sunday is here. My last experiment has been successful and my 24/7 which was a go by other people standard is active by mine too. That must be good. I guess. We get more done this way.

Saturday was not a day off and I worked/training. I spent most of day doing routine stuff and I did learn something extra which occasionally happens. I had to retrieve a big order which by human counts had 800+ bottles of wine hence a palate order. Nothing there to say and is all boxes hence easy to handle but this order was all fancy French wines which come in wood boxes! Wood is heavy but easy to get used to until…. Chateau Mouton bastards use baby coffins (don’t know what else to call them) for boxing wine. Twelve bottles and box is okay but those boxes alone weigh 20 lbs in my estimate! My sources say 12 not 20 but three stories high and stacked higher they weigh too much. I used to tell people any wine that comes in a fancy bottle is charging you extra for nothing and standard bottles are real value. I cannot say that about Chateau Mouton and damn cases of has BUT I am watching them. There is no shit list but they are on a list. As Monk told Barton Fink he was in trouble because he was noticed by his boss. That meant his life would be hell now. Never get noticed was his advice. I notice Mouton. 12 Jan 2014 9:46 am Hayward, California

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January 11th 2014 Journal

Saturday. Today I continue in wine which is of minor interest. The weather sucks now. I take the train. I was to do last of the experiments before take off this Saturday and Sunday. Today was a bother so will do Sunday. It is expected to succeed and I will be ready for launch. New projects? No. New level of activities. We see how accurate my adviser is. I should be active and yes will be all over the map. Life goes on. Today we do more of the wine stuff. I have learned plenty about a completely different kind of work and who knows the future. I could read what is left of my silly wine book. Reviews are so annoying. Someone said is like reading a how to book to refresh ones memory of how to drive a car! What does that mean? Exactly. We need to do and all memory comes back. 11 Jan 2014 8:02 am Hayward, California

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January 9th 2014

THEY tell me some PEOPLE are upset I can read on my Nokia Lumia 520 Windows phone. Who cares. That would be a great deal because as many millions of iPhones out there one can hardly read seriously on iPhone screen. I am done with most of this basic review text. It has been an okay mind jogger as I have been told. I wouldn’t read a page if was on paper. My normal reaction would be after reading half a page to say “shuuuuut uuuuuup.” The text is too friendly and too basic. I couldn’t read on my Android tablet either but on my 4″ Nokia screen I did. We are at 51%! I think the reason is the app provides a tiny piece to read and is so hard to figure where we are. Knowing half way or where in chapter or book won’t matter. One needs to know how much read and to read live to decide it is time to declare one is tired or read too much. Since cannot do that, I just keep reading and wondering how much o read and how much left. Lack of layout helps more reading. Anyway we finish red Bordeaux and fall into California reds! The book is over and filler materials follow. I have to say this to get a few people mad. Sommelier training has least respect for California wine! Media gives them a huge priority of coverage but in academia they get treated equal with New York wine and lesser than New Zealand! I don’t blame them. Some people make wine as food. California fakes everything from wine to pistachios just to gain market share. I cannot remember the food and wine matching class in Sommelier training. Chocolate and red wine skipped? “There is no such a thing as matching chocolate and wine. CALIFORNIA INVENTS THIS STUFF.” Thinking about it I have to agree chocolate is a Northern California tourist commodity and California wine is not meant for food and has to go with something. And while we at it, all the superb foreign cheeses are banned so super creameries of California are “discovered?” Cheese is food for poor people in Europe traditionally and chocolate ain’t food at all. Good local cheese is so expensive hence needs “discovery” because it cannot sell as FOOD. And enough said of the wine. Do I bash? How about no balanced view is welcome in America? They have to be biased or something is done wrong. 9 Jan 2014 7:38 am Embarcadero, California

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Wednesday Jan 8th 2014

Wednesday. I got out to get to bus to train as usual but ground was wet and it smelt damp like rain. Sucked. I didn’t get to bring an umbrella. However, when I checked online it says mostly cloudy. Online weather sucks so we see.

I am used to a little bit of reading in the morning now. Some in afternoon also. Boring review texts are boring and don’t go fast because as we read we hit stuff we know and slow down as brain drags a whole chain of thought and we stuck till the whole thing is retrieved only to think how little I care to remember that! It happens. Once is retrieved, we are okay and next time it will pull in a flash. It pays to have a fast brain. It works like a computer with a solid processor and lot of memory. The disadvantage is we get bored fast too! I recovered from boredom and not that bad. The cool thing is I sort of remember where I left this part of a topic last time who knows when! German wines? I was going to volunteer and work at a decent German wine place in lieu of going to Germany last I remember so I can get buried in them so much I have a good reference point! They are too unique, expensive and hard to distinguish because of names, etc to learn by following as a wine topic. One needs to get personal and can follow some of the wines we meet. That was a past memory. The review reading is not bad. It is working on. I am getting closer to the 50% mark now. That pressures my reading speed to get rid of this book. I am not a book person and think I have a good system to read wine books by doing one book at a time but need to finish review and get into the field. It was easy to think wine, beer, food, service etc when I was in the restaurant biz. That was the frame of reference. Now I only have the formal learning frame of reference again which is an exhausted approach! I need a new context to continue learning. I think this is the research stage now. I am past survey and study. That can come back in the future but now the challenge is to be somewhere and dig one by one. That takes time but a trained person can find so much! I am already warned this may start as fun but soon I will be noticed because “he asks very hard questions” will be my m.o. to wine people. Some people won’t mind. 8 Jan 2014 7:06 am Hayward, California

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Tuesday Jan 7th 2014

Even though I had got sick of reading this book on wine, I have kept it up. The interesting thongs are early in the morning and fresh from sleep I can read till I get to work. My mind naturally absorbs well then. And I can read well on the tiny cellphone screen about 4″ but cannot on 7″ tablet screen! I think phone provides a simple layout and tablet distracts by so much appearing AND so many controls to adjust. There is not much to do on Nokia Lumia 520 screen but read! I am past 32% which is a lot because normally books are read at different paces throughout but I read everything and at same pace on Nokia screen. It is not standard reading and more of curiosity reading! It works. 7 Jan 2014 7:22 am Embarcadero, California

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5th Jan 2014

Sunday is here. I can care less. Weather is nice. I am almost done with laundry. We see how next week is laid out and everything begins anew. It is interesting how things are changing. My wine blogs will go legit very soon. That means I write crap about all kinds of things and occasional typo will appear here and there but some posts will vanish a little while after appearing. It is sort of penal editing. Since I have no editor, I just continue and drop some posts into the password only region of the blog later based on feedback or how I feel about. Why? A legit blog is much stronger as a base for business wine activities rather than a rebel camp for intellectuals. It is possible one day some fool becomes editor of my wine blogs and that is fine except I don’t like working with others unless they fully understand our work. I won’t wait till found. I just go legit. That should get more done. I cleaned up my artistic mess which was very hard to understand for outsiders and a simple web portfolio makes so much sense of my photography and style. I expect the same to happen with my wine work. We shall see. 5th Jan 2014 11:22 am San Leandro, California

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January 1st 2014

Yep, it is 2014. We made it past 2013. I had a good year. I can care less about others but think most did. We used to have a training thing that said without goals one is like a ship without a rotter. It is going nowhere though is going. That is a year for most people. I have overdone my goals and objectives hence I don’t care. My ship went places and past them and went farther and in 2014 goes more places meaning I get more objectives done leading to fulfilling goals I set. That is about it. I cannot carry Chromebook a lot. I think even writing one day a week will be too much so this is it until next time. I updated all my blogs on Chromebook and here is the last one. What else I do will be on mobile devices and life goes on. I will be very busy now and the more I write, the more I will cuss people so may be is a good thing not to write a lot on Chromebook. Handheld like cellphones do the job and get the essentials out which is all we need.  I don’t like reading any more.  1 Jan 2014 11:52 am San Leandro, California

Tuesday the 31st

It is Tuesday and New Year’s Eve. Do I care? I guess but not important. Since I have a new routine forming for past few weeks I have a few surprises here and there. I am used to not caring for the traditional calendar of public by now. Mine moves too fast AND is barely up and running. Because my work requires a lot of back to back activities I have a short attention span now. A todo list is a life saver because I have too much to do as in being busy handling little tasks in my mind and other things get forgotten or delayed unless a todo list keeps them and one visits the list regularly. That is where I am at. Tablet cannot go unless I carry a bag and I cannot Chromebook because no time. We shall see how we do since more stuff ahead. That is the state of Tuesday. I am reviewing a generic wine book and as appears I review a couple more and then I have to find tastings to attend. I guess I will be writing wine but my primary objective is to be on the wine calendar as of present time. My approach toward learning has changed over the past years. Instead of an organized and systematic approach to exploration I accept the fact that the field is a mess and no one system will allow me to handle it. I just get to work without a map basically. For now, after a primer that will mean occasional tastings as time and luck permit. I am sure what I write increases my level of activity for this and my Wine by Cush blog hence they become reactive for all practical purposes and this is in spite of the fact that most my publishing will happen by typing on a 4″ Nokia Lumia 520 screen! I think I produce just fine and I have changed my evaluation strategy also for sometime. Considering how many bad things happen regularly I only bother to mention or review the good ones. Too many to avoid means is better to mark good rather than put too many signs out in the field on bad ones. Fewer flags are a necessity to get somewhere. 31 Dec 2013 8:38 am Lake Merritt, California

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Week 52 2013

I declare.

It is last week of 2013. I am starting new procedure. After the events that ruined our projects in San Francisco in past few months I have finally started a new course. We don’t have projects but lots of stuff going on. I am getting busier. My wine stuff begin to flow. It is like ice cubes breaking out of mold and starting to melt in liquid. Skimming wine books works very well. I tested the system. Borrowing a big ass book failed recently. Library is a good place when we don’t want to own but I move around too much. I never made it past the introduction. My business adviser says his system requires being stationary. He says humans moving too much as walking or driving or traveling cannot do quality business work. Something about effects of motion on biology of corpus. I add that to the list of what I am to do. So easy to talk about but implement? My test has been a success. I am about 11% into a review text. Some weird dude asked me what I am looking at in my phone on the train this morning. I told him I am reading a book moron. He was too weird so I skipped saying moron but that was it. He needed a shave too and told to be a bum running around transit train early Saturday morning. That was my morning and by afternoon after looking at them wine labels I was thinking wait a second! I remember this about you! And eventually realized the chunk is melting and begins to flow. I thought unused knowledge was in a cluster of neurons sitting in the back of the brain. Apparently it is frozen also and needs melting. There are those people who think I am very scientific person and I like that but they are outnumbered 10000 to 1 by those who say piss on his science if that is science. I don’t like them. My wine chunk begins to melt and flow. A couple of books from now I have to begin tasting also. I have insulted so many reps at tastings. BUT the account reps that sold wine to Uncle Cush loved my ass. Most of all whatever I bought I sold which is what needed to sell more. Those were their good old days. I never missed them. I could care less. This week has not been tense. It is 2014 and I got news I will have a night job soon. That is a long story. My business adviser like all the rest hired to help us lacks enough security clearance BUT sure can read. They finally had to tell him after he read one of my recent blog posts who Uncle Cush is in real real life. I got a mouthful and that I tell people I fired his ass for poor business advice? Their success formula is to go 24/7! I feel like dealing with them crazy Hollywood bastards BUT we have a lot of advisers and they all say what he says. I am moving and shaking again. I am supposed to be stationary for quality work AND travel all the time. I am not very nowadays. My projects should not have been ruined. I let everyone know when I start tasting and the reps begin complaining I am rude about their wines….”You have any good wines I can try?…..Ah! You are so rude! ….. What? I just don’t want to try all these wines. I know what they taste like! Anything good you want mw to try?” And I am learning French too….. 28 Dec 2013 6:08 pm Oakland, California

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